Is It Possible To Drink and Drive?

April 13, 2019

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The short and direct answer to this question is no. It is never acceptable to drive while under the influence, however, with our ‘Drive My Car‘ service, you can drink without having to worry about driving.

See more about our ‘Drive My Car Home’ service here.

It is known that alcohol impairs a person’s ability to drive and studies have shown that attitude, judgment, vigilance, perception, reaction, and controlling1 are all impacted by when a person is under the influence.

This poses a much greater risk to the lives of the people inside and outside the car2.

At Luxian of London, we aim to eliminate the possibility of you thinking to drink and drive by offering our signature Drive Me In My Car service.

Our service lets you hire a chauffeur for a journey, let’s say after a night out in the city with your friends where you’ve had a few too many beverages to drive home.

You book one of our drivers to meet you at a certain time and location and he/she will drive you and your car home, so you get there safe and sound. It’s as simple as that.

Visit our Drive Me Home page for more details.


You may have heard of some of our great competitors who come to you on scooters and put the scooters in your boot and then drive your car.

Our service is designed to be more convenient than that.

Our chauffeurs will use a variety of transport methods, to reach you eliminating the need to put a bulky scooter in your vehicle.

We’ve had customers with supercars such as Lamborghini Huracans, Audi R8s and Mercedes AMG GTs where they are unable to store a scooter in their car, so our ‘drive my car home’ service comes in especially useful.

On top of that, our clients who have just purchased their brand-new shiny car usually don’t want any dirt in their car which is why our service is perfect for many people.


Sometimes it’s not even alcohol that puts lives at risk, it’s tiredness.

Our clients pre-plan their journeys to include our driver services if they know they might not be in a suitable state to drive.

Often after business meetings or long flights, we come to pick you up so you can sit back, relax and sleep in the car while we get you to your destination.

If you are heading out and thinking of taking your car, make sure you book a designated driver or don’t take the car. You only have to look at the consequences345 to see why you should never drink and drive.