May 31, 2019

Luxury Chauffeur Hire Service in London from Luxian of London Chauffeurs

Are you looking for a high-end car to feature in your latest music video, film or TV show? We have the finest range of luxury cars from Rolls-Royce to Range Rover SVRs that’ll make your visuals pop.

If you are shooting your next music video, TV show, feature film or are taking promotional photos for your business and need a star car, look no further than Luxian of London.

Our range of high-end luxury vehicles are available for you to use in your creative work.

We have years of experience handling a variety of clients and each client has different needs for their work, whether it be an SVR featuring in music videos or a Rolls-Royce Ghost for a advertisement photoshoot.

Luxian of London are happy to accommodate however we can on the day of the shoot, you will have a chauffeur during the shoot who you can direct to use the car in the way that is suited to you.

For more information about our VIP star car hire service and to get a bespoke quote for free, please contact us via email:

Range Rover SVR Hire for Proms, Weddings and Events