About Us

Luxian is not only a play on the word Luxury, it also derives from the name of company owner and driver Raj’s hometown in Punjab ‘Laksian’ (Lak-see-aan), where he moved from in the early 1970’s to settle in London.





In the late 70’s / early 1980’s, our founder Raj arrived in Britain from Punjab and founded his first chauffeur business, ‘Luxian’; a combination of the name of his hometown and the word luxury. Using his cherished brand-new Mercedes-Benz 500SEL, it was the start of a successful chauffeur enterprise that went on to chauffeur clients the likes of Barbara Windsor, Michael Palin, Jack Dee and David Frost (on his regular commutes to New York via Concorde).

‘Luxian’ came to an end so Raj could spend more time with his growing family who grew up to have the same passion for cars as he has. From this love of cars, Luxian of London chauffeur service was born with the aim to provide the finest luxury vehicles and the finest luxury chauffeur service in London and the rest of the United Kingdom.
From our Rolls-Royce Ghost to our Range Rover SVR, we take great pride in our fleet of incredibly unique motor vehicles which you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.


Luxian of London isn’t just a leading provider of luxury chauffeur driven vehicles across London and the UK; we also provide our signature ‘Drive Me Home’ service.
Utilised by many customers across the city and even beyond, you can hire a driver to drive your car for whatever the occasion may be.

Other services based on the ‘scooter man’ model are limited to certain types of vehicles whereas Luxian of London do not have such limitations. 


Founded by owner and driver Raj and his family, Luxian of London is focused on providing the finest chauffeur service for our clients as if they were our own family. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients to ensure their journey is perfect; be it for a business trip or on their wedding day.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

What Does Chauffeur Mean?

Chauffeur [shoh-fer, shoh-fur] is “someone employed to drive a private or hired car.” Oxford Dictionary. A chauffeur takes great pride in their craft, from the love of all things automotive, to the meticulous care taken in maintaining their motor vehicle. Whether it is in a Rolls-Royce or a Mini; chauffeuring is all about making sure the passengers are comfortable, relaxed and happy.

We take pride in every detail of our business (you only have to look at our continuously evolving website and social media to see how much we care about our customers’ experience). Luxian is a business we have grown from inception to wherever it may lead us in the future, and we hope you join us for the ride as we continue to grow and expand.


What is a chauffeur service?

A chauffeur service is a luxury form of transport where a person hires a driver (chauffeur) to drive a high-end car or limousine. Alternatively, a person can hire a chauffeur to drive their car using a ‘drive my car’ service which you can find out more about here.

How much does a chauffeur cost?

The cost of a chauffeur service can vary from anywhere between £80 to a thousand pounds depending on the type of service and vehicle required. Usually chauffeurs operate on an hourly basis, however services such as airport transfers can have fixed rates.

Daily rates are usually based on 8 hour bookings and vary from vehicle to vehicle. Please enquire for a free quote.

What is a 'Drive My Car Home' service?

Drive My Car / Drive Me Home In My Car service is where you hire a chauffeur to drive your car for you. Read more here.

Booking outside of London?

You can enquire online and we will send you a bespoke quote. Usually this is slightly more than the equivalent London trip to cover driver expenses.  

What if I'm late?

Luxian of London offer 15 minute waiting time for our chauffeur services and 30 minutes for airport transfers. 

Additional costs for waiting time will added as appropriate depending on service type and vehicle choice.

How do I pay?

You can pay online or wire transfer directly through your bank.

Further details will be avaliable on the payment invoice.

Cancellations & refunds

In the event of a cancellation, Luxian of London will refund you in full less any fees* plus a 10% deposit to cover the drivers’ lost time.

*insurance and travel expenses.

When should I book?

We recommenced booking your chauffeur as soon as you have confirmed your travel itinerary.

We require you to book up to 6 hours in advance of the pickup time.

Where will my driver meet me?

When you make an enquiry you will be asked for a pick-up location; this is where your driver will go to pick you up and/or your car depending on which service you are booking.

Customer Reviews


Prompt, professional and very friendly - highly recommended!

Nicola Baily-Gibson

Over the top service - extremely helpful and obliging . Sorting out my car in my absence to take it for service and staying fir 3 hours awaitig AA breakdown when the car became immobilised which was not part of the job . Very polite informative and helpful . Thank you

John Kinsella

Great reliable service.

Caroline Wall

A brilliant service from start to finish. Easy to obtain quote and book and superb communication right through to the day. We used the Drive My Car Service and the driver was ahead of schedule and nothing was too much trouble. Would highly recommend this service and this company to anyone, we will definitely use it again!

Harold Klug

A reliable friendly driver. A safe easy journey.